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Welcome to our blog!

Here you can read all about it. Sometimes it's traveling, sometimes it's homeschooling, occasionally we bitch. For some background, read our first post ever.


Settling Into Peru

We've been in Peru for two weeks: adjusting to the time change and the altitude, finding an apartment, going to Lake Titicaca. We have lucked into the most wonderful moments. We can't wait to show you!

In the meantime - here's a shot of our first few days in Cusco, at 11,000 ft. This is what we did for the first 48 hours or so. Altitude in a bitch!!

Ella is addicted to the oxygen tank!!



Saintes-Maries de la Mer

Hemingway used to come here. Picasso too. Vincent Van Gogh painted it, and Tori Amos wrote a song about it. Obviously, I'm not the first to be charmed by this little beach town on the French Mediterranean. 

We visited Saintes-Maries de la Mer with our friends and fellow family-travelers The Pilbeams. That's Roonagh Pilbeam in the water with Owen and Ella. For the week that the Pilbeams were with us in France I was blissfully free of planning duties. Ian had it all in hand. I was in charge of goat cheese. So when we got to Saintes-Maries (named for the three Maries who found Jesus - or rather the lack of Jesus - in his tomb) I was completely surprised. It's so very Spanish! So VERY Spanish. Being the girl that I am, I zeroed in on the fashion, and Oh What Fashion was to be had!! Where else, I ask you, could you buy your little darling a classic Provence dress (or at least a dress made with cheap Provence fabric) AND a Flamenco costume, all in the same street! Not to mention the shoes! I won't lie. I wanted them, but they didn't come in my size. Probably because the shoe people are wiser than I, and realize that size Mid-Fourties Lady spotted shoes wouldn't be nearly as cute as size Tiny Little Girl. Ah well. Bob says he'll make me a pair with a Sharpie when we get back home.



Pic For The Day - The Sahara

There is much to tell - stories of sunburned, peeling skin, the wincing intimacy of a traditional hamam, delicious dinners shared with wonderful people. For now, here are pictures of our time in the Sahara. The dark-haired beauty is our friend Karen, who we hooked up with in Rome. She decided to come to Morocco with us, and it has turned out to be the perfect place for us to catch up on each others lives. 

Footprints up the duneOur tent, and our guide, Ali

Brenna barters for Jewelry with Ali
Riding camels at sunset


Quick Postcard Of Sorts

There are so many ways to tell a story. Much to my families chagrin, I always pick the way with the most words involved. Well - not today! Today I will be short, concise, to the point. Today is a new day for me! A day of unlimited opportunity to use words wisely, and with prudence, and measure. To refrain from rambling on and on about things that don't pertain to the story at hand. 

I suck. I'll try again.

Owen and Ella at Mt VesuviusWe are in Morocco: Marrakech, Essaouira, Ait Ben Haddou, the Sahara on camels!!

Before Morocco we were in Italy: Pisa, Sienna, Florence, Pompeii, Rome.

When we leave Morocco we'll be in Madrid for a few days to catch our breath, and then we'll go to Peru. We'll be living in Cuzco, Peru for two months. We'll go to the Amazon, to Machu Picchu, to Lake Titicaca...

Then, we go home. We've booked our flight back to Los Angeles on August 10. As of yesterday, Bob has a job.

We have so many stories to tell you! So many pictures, videos, and stories are still in the pipeline that you'll be entertained for some time after the actual traveling has stopped. We will all be happy to pretend the 'real time' bit. After that the website will evolve...


Back from the Future

My time in Los Angeles last month was more than I had hoped for. Mostly I worked, which is why I returned. It wasn't an easy decision -- leaving my family behind and going back to LA for a month in the midst of our traveling. I worked on eight different TV shows and Pilots in three weeks. I put the dream year on hold for a reality check and a bank account infusion.

When I first sat back down to cut ADR for an episode of Smallville, I was nervous. It had been a year since I had been in the chair, there was a pile of work, and I didn't have long to get it done. But within a few minutes muscle memory kicked in and it was as if I'd never left -- in a good way.

I also got to spend time on some From Here To Uncertainty stuff -- one of the several exciting projects that Brenna and I have been dreaming up this year. Part exit strategy, part passion. I finished shooting some video that Brenna started when she

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