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About Us

Brenna Gibson Redpath

Brenna moved from small-town Arkansas to big-city Los Angeles in 1987, the year that Full House premiered and "Walk Like an Egyptian" topped the charts.  Plan A was to become a rock and roll goddess.  She had a lot of fun and played a lot of music, got married, had two very cool kids, started home-schooling, and recently started playing and writing music again -- bluegrass, classical choral, tube-top rock, country... If you check out the video on our home page that's Brenna singing "Goin Mobile." To her husband and kids, she is a rock and roll goddess.

She's a voracious reader, and has been a member of a wonderful book club for nearly 10 years now.  They call themselves the BookEaters.

Brenna is obsessed with vintage clothing, vintage dishes and vintage linens. This makes Bob happy since she's usually happier in a thrift store than she is in Bloomingdales. She's having a lot of fun exploring thrift shops around the world.  The best so far was in Germany.

Brenna is also obsessed with songwriters (Elvis Costello, Paul Simon, Ben Folds, Tom Petty, Sufjan Stevens), authors (Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Michael Chabon, Anne Lamott, Malcolm Gladwell, Pema Chodrun), harmony, perfectly cooked bacon, over-thinking the issue, and much much more.

She strongly believes that our greatest weaknesses are also our greatest strengths, and so we're better off feeling kindly towards all parts of ourselves.  

Homeschooling claims a large portion of Brenna's time and energy and she feels lucky to be able to spend her time so well.


Bob Redpath

Bob likes roller skating, horseback riding, and long walks on the beach.  No, wait - that was his Dating Game application.  (Bob wants you to know  that he didn't really apply to the Dating Game, but he does find it hard to talk about himself.)  Brenna will take over here...

In Our Old Life Bob was a talented, successful, reluctant, and occasionally curmudgeony sound guy.  En route to attempting to create an animated series based on the children's book, Flat Stanley, he took a temporary sound editing job to pay the bills -- that was twenty years ago.  He was at Warner Bros. for 12 years, and has also made noises at Sony, Lorimar and Columbia.  He's been nominated for three Emmys and six Golden Reel Awards -- but he's never won.  

Bob grew up in a small town in Illinois, population 2500.  He had traveled the world (yes - the world!) by the time he graduated from high school.  This combination of small town grounding and global exposure is part of his unique take on life.

He likes creating and growing things:  beer, soap, cheese, pot-holders, children, vegetables, wine, furniture, writing, uncertainty...

Bob asked me to tell you that last year for Halloween he went as Jesus, complete with a water bottle filled with wine and a copy of Fishing For Dummies.


Owen Redpath

Owen is 11. He's in 6th grade.  He is a classic "absent-minded professor."  His brain works faster than he can talk, and he talks more than you could possibly imagine. When he was little we used to tell him that he had used up all the words that he had available on that particular car ride, and it was someone else's turn to use some of theirs.  

He makes friends in foreign places the easiest of all of us, and hopes to find Magic The Gathering tournaments where ever we land for more than a moment.

Owen has an amazing imagination.  Dishes at our house don't last long because it's Owen's job to put them away, and often his brain is off in space instead of on the wine glass in his hand.  We are currently drinking our wine out of mason jars.

Owen wants you to know that he cares about the environment.  He is a card-carrying member of Green Peace. He has held one-man fundraisers for his favorite endangered animals, and sent the proceeds off to the World Wildlife Fund.  He is a big fan of Xeco cards because of their environmentally-conscious theme.  (See Owen's blog on Xeco here.)

Owen also loves making movies.  One of his first was a film that he made when he was  six, called Double Die. He's been in a movie club for the last two years, where kids write, shoot, act in, direct, edit, and premier a film all by themselves over the course of a school year.  

Owen is eclectic and electric.


Eleanor Redpath 

Eleanor wakes up ready for each and every day to be a perfect day.  A procession of perfect clothing choices, perfect breakfast and perfect activities all top the list for each morning.  DO NOT interrupt this seven year old's bliss with mundane requests like hair brushing or room cleaning.

Eleanor lives for the beautiful moment, and her vision and expectations raise the bar for the rest of us.  Life around our house is a bit more genteel because of her vision.  She has style!  She knows how to dress herself (and her father), dress the dining room table, decorate a cupcake.  She's the one at our house who changes the table cloth and puts flowers in the vase. 

Eleanor loves to bake special things, create special places, orchestrate special days.  She creates all day and night, using anything and everything around her.  Boxes, scissors, markers, felt, and glue turn into kitty beds, dioramas, games, baby cribs, and wizard hats.

She used to want to be a fire fighter.  Now she's thinking she might open a bakery called Daisy's Favorite Bakery.  We can't wait.