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Map Our Travels

Okay, sure, it would be nice if you could be here with us. What could be more fun than traveling with a family... with young, loud children? For a YEAR! But alas, we can only offer vicarious companionship. In our blog we're sharing our stories and videos, but any time you want to get a more geographical view, come on over to the Map Our Travels page and see exactly where we are on any given leg of our trip. We'll post maps along the way showing you what country, and where in that country, we'll be living for that month or two, and where we'll be going next. Please comment. Tell us what you know of our next destination. Tell us your favorite restaurants in town. Tell us about your Aunt Adele and how she wants to invite us for dinner when we reach Rotterdam. Hell - we weren't even planning on Rotterdam, but we need to meet Aunt Adele!


...And where the heck are we now?

The Blue pins are places we've "lived" and the Yellow pins are overnight visits of a few days or less.

View From Here To Uncertainty in a larger map



Spring in the south of France

View France in a larger map


Winter in Scotland -- Brrrrr!

View Scotland in a larger map

September in Bamberg, Germany

View Bamberg, Germany in a larger map

We were in Bamberg, Germany for most of September. It's a gorgeous little city.


Krakow, Poland from Mid July to the End of August

We lived a short walk from the Old Town Square and Kazimierz for six weeks.

View Krakow, Poland in a larger map


Starting In Belgrade And Sokobanja, Serbia

View Serbia in a larger map