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Antfield House B&B

We want to go back to Inverness, mostly to stay again at the Antfield House B&B. It's such a cool place, and the innkeepers are terrific.

Before it's life as a B&B, Antfield was a farmhouse, and it's still fantastically farmy all around. The kids fed the ducks in the yard each morning after breakfast, and our room overlooked a neighboring pasture with horses. Inside, on the other hand, was refined and charming.


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Loch Ness Monster* Sighting

Last night before bed, Ella said she'd like to see the fog on Loch Ness in the morning. I don't know where the hell she got the idea.

This morning I woke up in a very warm bed and debated as I looked out the window at the drizzle and fog, and then over at my sleeping daughter. Is she serious? Should I wake her? Damn, the bed is warm.

No sooner had I whispered her name, than

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Can't Blog Long, I'm Driving

We were on the lookout for the Loch Ness monster all afternoon today -- so far no "Nessy"...

We're driving around Inverness heading to tonight's B&B, near Loch Ness, only a little lost right now. Thank God for onboard navigation and cell phones and laptops and mobile wireless connections... Who needs a map? Gotta go -- we're heading out of Inverness now and losing our mobile wireless.



Heading to the Highlands -- Again

Tomorrow we'll pile into the not-so-mini-van and hit the highway. This time it's the Isle of Skye or bust -- hopefully it'll be the Isle of Skye. After two nights there, we'll head to Loch Ness and Culloden for two more nights. We can't wait. We'll post pics.