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Welcome to our blog!

Here you can read all about it. Sometimes it's traveling, sometimes it's homeschooling, occasionally we bitch. For some background, read our first post ever.


Recording "Goin Mobile"

I just got finished recording "Goin Mobile" with the crazy-talented producer Christian Nesmith.  We had a little hitch in the middle, when I got sick and had to crap out for a week, but we just got done mixing down today, and I gotta say, the song just rocks.  Christian and I are both fans of The Who, and we had a lot of fun riffing on Who sounds here and there throughout the song. Christopher Allis came in to put down an AWESOME drum track.  I am so incredibly lucky to work with such talent.

All the vocals are me, and there's a lot of them!  But - there's not much in the WORLD that makes me happier than harmony, even if it's with myself. Have a listen. Let me know what you think.


"Goin Mobile"  Brenna Gibson Redpath



Hi, Im Owen (a 10 year old) and I feel strongly about how people keep on slicing and dicing trees and killing the animals that depend on them. So this is just a blog talking about one of my very favorite rain forest animals: Hairy-EaredDwarf Lemurs,Yey! This is how the status of theseanimals has been going in the past: They went from rare, to endangered, to critically endangered, and then back to endangered. They are so small that

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The Call Of The Wild

Yesterday we had home school book club.  Bet you can't guess what book we read?!  It was just so very lovely. We hold book club at the Old Zoo in Griffith Park (biggest park in LA, really terrific place), and the weather was beautiful.  There were 20-25 kids between

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So... We Home School...

We home school our kids.  We always have.  Which means that Owen, age 10, and Eleanor, age 7, have never been to “regular” school, as Owen and Ella like to call it. 

Now, immediately this brings visions to your mind, dear reader.  I know it does, so don’t even try to be all polite and pretend that it doesn’t.  You have now drawn conclusions of one kind or another, many of which have nothing to do with my family, and lots to do with your experience, if any, with home schooling.  I get it.  I don’t mind.  At one point I did mind, and I would try to painstakingly explain to people our reasons for home schooling, our commitment

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Losing Light And Out Of Fritos

So we shot the footage for the promo that will be embedded into the home page of the web site this weekend. Friends came over to party and help.  We had a filmmaker, a gaffer (lighting god on the set), and a sound guy, more talent than we need for this day by a mile.  It was fun, and very draining.  I do not particularly enjoy being in front of the camera, and that's putting it lightly.  That was hard.  I played the role of engine and organizer, which was fun, and also somehow (since I'm the girl/mom) the role of

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