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Losing Light And Out Of Fritos

So we shot the footage for the promo that will be embedded into the home page of the web site this weekend. Friends came over to party and help.  We had a filmmaker, a gaffer (lighting god on the set), and a sound guy, more talent than we need for this day by a mile.  It was fun, and very draining.  I do not particularly enjoy being in front of the camera, and that's putting it lightly.  That was hard.  I played the role of engine and organizer, which was fun, and also somehow (since I'm the girl/mom) the role of cleaning person and grocery store runner, which was annoying.  

Anyway.   Bob and I were struck, both of us, by how incredibly narcissistic the moment was.  In our circle of friends it's not all that uncommon to be called upon to help shoot a film on a weekend for the price of a favor owed and beer and tamales.  But Bob and I were shooting something for us, about us, starring us.  It was a very unsavory experience.  We apologized and self-flagellated all day, which was probably more annoying to our friends than anything else.

Then came the editing.  We've looked through all the footage, and I have discovered, to my horror, that I am growing JOWLS!  Listen - I'm 42, and I am an intelligent and thoughtful woman, who wobbles somewhere between being reconciled and being contented with my looks.  I bloomed incredibly late.  Like at 35.  My ugly duckling period lasted from 14 to my late 20's.  I have had to come up with other redeeming qualities.  

These days, I'm pretty happy with the presentation I give to the world.  There's some style, there's some sincerity, and now, there are some JOWLS.  I'm thinking of a new hairstyle.  One that involves wrapping the hair around and under the chin, and securing it behind the neck.  Or maybe a sudden addiction to jaunty scarves, tied just so.

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Reader Comments (1)

Welcome to the club, Sister!

Dec 31, 2008 at 7:36 PM | Unregistered CommenterRosalind

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