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Welcome to our blog!

Here you can read all about it. Sometimes it's traveling, sometimes it's homeschooling, occasionally we bitch. For some background, read our first post ever.

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Photo Gallery Update... Finally

We're not up to date yet, but we have posted more photos of the UK and added France. More of the year to come -- soon. Really. No, I'm serious.

If you're unmotivated and don't want to go all the way up there to the 'Photos' button, you can just click this link to go to the UK and Scotland photos. Or, here to go see France.


Au Revoir, St Quentin la Poterie: Audio Blog

Our little town of St Quentin la Poterie is opening up, like Provence in Spring will do. It's a small town, and a quiet town. The streets are never full. You don't see more than a few people going from place to place. If you want to catch shops open, like the boucherie or the boulangerie that sells the better brioche, you have to be both a bit psychic and a little lucky.

In the last few weeks, things have been changing. People are everywhere! At lunchtime I see tables out, filled with diners, at restaurants that weren't even open when we arrived. The artisan workshops on every

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Reverse Hiatus: Back to Los Angeles for Work

Brenna at the fountain in Saint Quentin la Poterie, FranceI feel like I've just started getting the lay of the land around here in the south of France, and now I'm heading back to Los Angeles for almost a month. I'm going home to work Pilot Season - that crazy time of year when all the hopeful TV shows for the next season come tumbling into post-production within a few days of each other, each one hoping to be among the lucky few picked to be added to the network schedule. All of us in Post work very long days, 7 days a week, for a few weeks, and then it's over. It's intense, but the money is good.

By the time I get back to Saint Quentin la Poterie again, Spring will be in full bloom, Ella will finally have a missing tooth grown in, and Owen will probably

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Carnaval Saint-Quentin-la-Poterie Style

I read that there are 32 Saint Quentin municipalities in France and they had to come up with some name changes to differentiate them all for the postal service. Our Saint Quentin is one of the oldest pottery making regions so, in 1886 the 'la Poterie' was added.

Today was a big celebration in town. The kids and I walked to where we saw everyone else walking and  watched. We weren't sure what was happening or why but it looked like a lot of fun. Nearly

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Farewell to Scotland

We rolled into Scotland fresh off the boat (really -- we drove off of a ferry and onto the left hand side of the road) back in October. The autumn light was amazing. It made our snapshots look like photographs.

We decided that the hearty Highland Cows are maybe the coolest looking cows on the planet and that we like the sheep with the white fleece and black faces best. We yelled, "SHEEP!" and, "HORSES WITH COATS!" whenever we drove by, well, sheep or horses in their winter blankets. Later we just said it, not yelling. We started counting pheasant roadkill, but decided it wasn't really very challenging. We learned to carve turnips, and the differences between red squirrels and grey ones (aside from the obvious color!). We learned to ride the buses, and the rails. We drank hot tea at lunch. We made new friends and visited with old ones. We saw more of Scotland than many Scots will see in their entire lives. We made homemade tablet and mince pies, and sampled other local delicacies -- some I can recommend, others... not so much. We found words like 'bit' and 'wee' and 'brilliant' entering our vocabulary. We figured out how to

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