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A Bottomless Bowl of Spaghetti

Work at Warner Bros. ended a couple weeks ago. I'd have loved to finish the full season of "In the Motherhood," as would many others working on the show, but it wasn't in the network tarot cards. I realize a lot more thought goes into a network TV schedule than just tarot cards. In fact, the other day I'm pretty sure I saw a couple of suit clad junior executives chalking off a grid in the parking lot at ABC before the upfronts. An, apparently, more senior executive was leading a cow in their direction, which evidently had some tough decisions ahead of it. Later that day I drove past again and saw the same two junior execs with a shovel and a broom -- and smugly satisfied looks on their faces. Last seasons' TV divining rod was retired for obvious reasons.

Even with the extra time off to prep, I'm not sure that the list of things to do is getting any shorter as June 22 nears. It's like that bowl of spaghetti when you're a kid -- it seems to grow as you eat. By the end of dinner you're stuffed and staring at a full bowl of spaghetti. Your mom says something about you not being very hungry and you wanna scream, "I just ate spaghetti non-stop for an hour, it's not my fault the bowl still looks full!"

While the list does feel like it's getting longer instead of shorter, things are happening. Yesterday we looked out the window and saw a man putting a for rent sign in the front yard. It drives me crazy that the sign is crooked. It's one of the hundreds of things I need to learn to let go of.Today I saw people driving slowly past the house writing down the Realtor's phone number. I wish I could help pick the new tenants. The house has been nice to us and I'd like to return the favor. But, I know it's not up to me.

We're still selling stuff on Craigs List and piling things in the car for a charity garage sale. Another car load to the garage sale.Anytime friends come to visit, we say things like, "Take the fondue pot home with you, we'll throw in the unopened five gallon jug of Costco Mazola," or, "Are you sure you wouldn't like an armoire... and a minivan?" No one leaves our house without an armload of books. This morning we sold the kids' bunk bed right out from under them. Literally. I had to wake Owen up so that I could take it apart. The bunk bed used to be against this wall... And Owen used to be on top.They get to "camp" in their room for the next month. There's a dumpster in the driveway and a portable Public Storage cube coming tomorrow. I have more good-bye get togethers, that I really want to make happen, than I have days left.

I've spent hours online researching European mobile phone plans, train schedules, counting to ten in Serbian and purchasing/leasing/renting/stealing a car. I saw Brenna's fist clinch, and she got that Clint Eastwood squint in her eye when I said, "Hey, instead of leasing a car, why don't we ship ours to Europe? I hear it doesn't cost much. Then all we have to do is change the tail lights, install rear fog lamps, maybe a new speedometer. Figure out taxes, insurance, license plates..." I wonder why my bowl of spaghetti never gets any smaller?

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Reader Comments (3)

I hear you brother. I've been off only 1 week, and am fighting the urge to drive to the lot and humiliate myself with a good old fashioned, "Hey guys, whatcha doin'?" For now, I resist.

Regarding TO DO lists, my bowl of Spaghetti is behaving much the same as yours. Damned evil spaghetti!

To brighter topics. Our good friend Beata, who is from Poland, is gathering a list of contacts and sights for you to see there. She became very excited when I told her of your trip, and was telling me about all kinds of things that you should see there. Mountain lakes, cathedrals, etc. More on that later.

Thanks for the update ... always a good way to start the day.

(& sorry about the beds kids. Bummer.)

May 22, 2009 at 9:11 AM | Unregistered CommenterYo Lama

we salute you! we hope your blogs get even more introspective as the time gets nearer AND after the plunge into your new lives. we cannot wait to hear more about your adventure. sending you peace-full vibes as you enter this new chapter of your lives.

May 22, 2009 at 9:35 PM | Unregistered CommenterMOM that ROCK!

Whoo hoo! You guys are infectious. When I first started reading your blog, I had no travel plans but now I'm headed to Europe for five weeks this summer. I know it's not the same, not the same at all, but I'm still really excited about it.

I can't imagine how you're going to travel for a year with the airline baggage restrictions for the cheap European flights. Now that I'm facing them I understand even more what you're up against.

Seeing that empty bedroom the dumpster and the 'for rent' sign... wow. It is happening for you. Where will you be in July/ August?

May 22, 2009 at 9:37 PM | Unregistered CommenterCat

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