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In Search Of Dolphin Leather

Seth Goden, the author,  has no idea I exist.  Nonetheless, we have a stimulating daily dialogue that I love. Granted - it's pretty one-sided: he says something, and then I go mulling in my mind for a while. Still - this is the beauty of a blog.  I love the way this man's mind works.  Not coincidentally - it works a lot like mine, just better.

Today his post was so EXACTLY WHERE I AM that I called Bob, who had walked out the door less than a minute before, and read it to him as he started his car and pulled out of the driveway.  (This is actually pretty common at our house)  Here's the link:

And here's the part that really hit me:

All around you, people are telling you two things: 
1. whatever you want, forget it, it's impossible, and 
2. sit still, preserve resources, lay low.

And yet, the people who are succeeding, creating change and (not coincidentally) are happier aren't listening to either of these pieces of advice. Instead, they're on the search for dolphin leather.

Frank Sinatra had it wrong. Your dream shouldn't be impossible, but it sure helps if it's improbable. Don't choose your dreams based on what is certain to happen, choose them based on what's likely to cause the change you want to occur around you.

This is exactly what Bob and I have been trying to say on this site.  THIS is the reason we're taking this trip. While we don't really fall under the "successful" people that Seth talks about, we are happier than if we were sitting still, and we're hoping to end up being successful because we're trying to "choose based on what's likely to cause the change we want to occur".  It's risky.  We will come back with much less in the bank than we had. Hell - we'll be pretty much destitute (stupid stock market!). But hopefully we will have many more opportunities open to us.

I'm working on a piece that will replace what is now on our home page, under the video.  Here's part of it:

Our hope is to make this year into a dialogue with people who are taking control of their lives in these crazy times. We’ll be bringing you people from all over the world who are attempting to find new opportunity during a time when conventional wisdom tells us to hunker down and sit still. We will be a place where people can share their journeys of uncertainty, and how they are turning a bad situation into a propelling force that might not have existed for them before all hell broke loose.

So today I'm happy that Seth and I are thinking along the same lines. And today is one of the few days that I wish Seth could hear my response. Hey Seth!  You out there? Dolphin leather baby!!



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Reader Comments (1)

I was thinking about something semi-related too although mine is more of a political example of your point (of course). It's an interesting thing. Just when all hell breaks loose, people are desperate for stability and are more likely than ever to turn to authority and give whatever is needed to create stability again .. whether it's authority to make major changes as in votes or support, or giving up rights if it might be helpful (think post 911 and wire tapping). And then of course there is always some point in the future when people look around and see how crazy and unnecessary it all was in hindsight. So here we are and we're giving our gov't all kinds of leeway to do major things in the hopes the trouble will all go away.

What is it that makes us so desperate for stability and normalcy that we do this? It is a pattern that has repeated throughout history. Did you know that right after the Revolutionary War people who had fought for independence were so sick of anarchy that they handed George W. a kingship? How ironic is that? And he said no because he knew the trend. Smart guy.

And here you guys are totally bucking that trend. And maybe that's why what you are doing can feel so daunting. Cause not only are you prepping for a huge adventure which is exciting enough on its own, but you're doing it right when most of the world wants normalcy AT ALL COSTS. I think that's the heart of what makes your story so amazing.

So GO girl. You guys are even braver and cooler than you knew.

Mar 11, 2009 at 11:39 PM | Unregistered CommenterJulie in Woodland Hills

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