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Bob is evil

"Don't eat that" I whispered behind his back.

He just grinned. Scottish shortbread is one of the best things on earth - how can you not. "Why not?" he said.

"Because we just took a very good and very long walk, and you already ate that giant square of Scottish Tablet, and yogurt and Cheerios, and M&M's, and you're going to be bitching about how you don't feel well because you've been snacking so much. And because you told me to help you eat less junk food."

Bob picked up the dark chocolate bar on the counter and broke off a piece. He put it on top of the shortbread and held it up to my mouth. I ate it.

Bob is evil.

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Reader Comments (5)

But isn't dark chocolate among the better (tasting AND good for you) slices of decadence your honey could ever tempt you with? Pretty sure...

Nov 2, 2009 at 7:00 AM | Unregistered CommenterMelody

Dear LivE Bob,
I totally love shortbread. I had my first holiday piece last week. You are sooooo lucky to live in the land of BUTTER.

Nov 2, 2009 at 9:32 AM | Unregistered CommenterDarleen

Bren, I admire your discipline but I'm with Bob. I don't have it in me. We're lucky we don't gain 5kg a month!

Nov 2, 2009 at 9:42 AM | Unregistered CommenterStephanie

I've gain one stone just reading your descriptions.

Nov 2, 2009 at 8:11 PM | Unregistered Commenternoho1960

The world needs more of this kind of evil, fewer wars but fat & happy people

Nov 5, 2009 at 9:51 AM | Unregistered CommenterJim Wallis

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