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What the Hell Are We Thinking?

I was lying in bed this morning, well after the alarm had gone off. The radio was set to NPR and Marketplace Morning Report came on. Of course it's yet another story on the terrible economy.  How could it possibly be anything else?  Renita Jablonski was interviewing an economist (at this point the most employable segment of the workforce) named Peter Morici. I was more asleep than awake but I remember the discussion was dire. He was listing some things that we can do to make it through this period and I spoke aloud,"and for god-sake, don't quit your day job," officially waking Brenna now. About two seconds later he said something like, "I'd hold on to your job if you have one..."

As an addendum, I'd like to accurately tell you how the interview went. I went to the Marketplace website and excerpted the interview that shook the very foundation of what we're doing here, sending me into a morning sweat.

Renita Jablonski:  Professor it seems like everyone’s looking for some sort of idea of, “What does this mean for me?”   What would you say to people now?
Peter Morici:  This is a good time to trim your debt, to be conservative about what you spend, and to just generally be careful with money.   We are going to go through a period of significant economic turbulence.   If you have your job, hold onto it like your eyeteeth, because the job market’s going to get very poor, and be very careful with your finances because credit’s going to be tough to come by.

What the hell are we thinking? And still... Here we go.

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