Video Blog: Living Heart Interview
Thursday, January 20, 2011 at 12:15PM
Bob & Brenna Redpath in Andes, Hearts Cafe, High Andes, Ollantaytambo, Peru, Sonia Newhouse, Video, living heart

While we were still on the road we envisioned returning home and keeping this blog alive -- writing about whatever the next chapter is in our lives, but it's been really difficult to WANT to sit down and post blogs. Don't get me wrong, life is good, it just doesn't feel particularly blog-worthy.

This video we shot while we were in Peru, however, is something we're very proud of and hope will help Sonia Newhouse and her Living Heart NGO in some small way.

We spent some time with Sonia and her, then, project coordinator, Chrissie Ellison, learning about the Living Heart organization and the help they're providing struggling communities in the high Andes of Peru.

Of all the  sights we saw this past year, all the places we visited and people we met, the time we spent with Sonia stands out. She's caring, strong, savvy. She makes things happen. She's exceptional.


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