The Garden Of... 
Wednesday, September 15, 2010 at 2:38PM
Bob & Brenna Redpath in Peru, chicuito peru, chicuito phallic, phallic garden

The real reason we went to Chicuito was something Bob and I didn't tell the kids until we were on our way. It was to see the unusual garden there - the phallic garden. The little town is famous for its' concentration of phallic statues, which have been turning up all over the area for several years. A guy goes to build himself a house - another statue gets dug up.

Apparently at some point in Chicuito's past there was a pretty big infertility problem, and the answer was obvious: carve statues to the gods of fertility in the shape of giant penises. Of course!

Even the church got involved. If you look up on the top you can see a phallic shape, where usually a cross might go. At first I was startled by this, but hey - a missinary's gotta do what a missionary's gotta do, right?!

Somebody recently got a bright idea, and now all the statues are in a little walled garden, where you pay admission to walk among them, and then go visit the tourist stalls, where the ladies are selling beer openers in the shape of the Chicuito Phalus. Ella loved it.  No - not really.




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